By Theun Mares

First within the Toltec Teachings sequence, go back of the soldiers introduces the Warrior's course and the Toltec course of Freedom. this can be an action-based lifestyle, during which people are taught to worth their very own adventure extra hugely than details from others. Theun Mares introduces the fundamental thoughts of this course, in addition to the sensible innovations, and gives the instruments utilized by warriors in daily life to construct self-belief, self-reliance and self-empowerment - the real foundations for freedom. issues comprise: Your view of the realm – the way it defines you, the way you keep it and the stairs you must take to wreck out of it. the ability of real wisdom and the way this results in unwavering trust in self and real luck. turning into conscious of your social conditioning and the way to begin liberating your self from it. The secrets and techniques utilized by warriors in this route to in achieving lasting swap and freedom. Why your weaknesses are your unrealised potentials and the keys to utilizing them to grasp your goals.

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THE PREREQUISITE FOR A BELIEVE, FOR HIS BEING. WARRIOR IS THAT HE HAS BELIEVING IS AN ESSENTIAL TO CONDITION OF The fact that words are but a form of symbol for a deeper knowledge is one of the most difficult concepts to get across to anyone, In man's effort to refine his view of the world, linguists have laboured hard across a great many centuries to define and to redefine the words of language so that every word man uses today has fixed values within a prescribed context. As a result, words have acquired more importance than the knowledge they were initially intended to convey.

We may feel as if we are the victims of fate, and although it is true that no man can escape his destiny, we all have the capacity to rise above fate if we so choose. We are all given the opportunity at some point in our lives to decide for ourselves what we would like out of life. THE PROBLEM IS THAT WE ARE ALL BORN FOOLS, FOR SUCH IS OUR HUMAN CONDITION. In our foolishness we take great pride in ourselves for being human. Consequently we demand for ourselves certain privileges and rights, and then we make a huge fuss and become very upset if our demands are not met.

Thus the only thing left for them is to indulge occasionally in secret dreams. In these secret dreams men and women mould their lives and, depending on the extent to which they believe their dreams are possible, they unconsciously begin to project their inner wishes, hopes and fears onto the world around them. If the person concerned experiences a lot of inner anger, then he eventually begins to see that anger in the world around him. For that person, everybody apparently begins to take on an 86 RETURN OF THE WARRIORS TAKING THE GAP TO FREEDOM aggressive attitude.

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