By Albert Soboul, Remy Inglis Hall

A phenomenon of the pre-industrial age, the Sans-Culottes--master craftsmen, shopkeepers, small retailers, household servants--were as adverse to the guidelines of capitalist bourgeoisie as they have been to these of the ancien regime which used to be overthrown within the first years of the Revolution. here's a specific portrait of who those humans have been and a sympathetic account in their second in history.

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Numbers of sectional papers are to be found elsewhere, distributed in the various revolutionary series of the National Archives: these papers have still to be sorted, in order not to overlook documents of crucial importance. Thus, in the archives of the revolutionary assemblies that compose Series C, the motions, addresses and petitions of the general assemblies and of the popular societies are still to be found, though less frequently, among the papers of the Legislative Committee of the Convention.

The sans-culottes can be clearly defined only when compared to the aristocracy; when compared to the bourgeoisie, the distinction becomes less clear. Composed of many socially disparate elements, the sanS-culottes were undermined by internal dissent, which explains both their inability to establish a coherent program and, in the last analysis, their political defeat. A fundamental hostility toward the aristocracy was not, however, unique to the sans-culottes. In 1 789 it was also shared by all members of the former Third Estate.

He was arrested on October 19, 1793. On 28 Brumaire, the committee of the Marches section decided to arrest a music merchant, Bayeux. " According to the revolutionary committee of Bon-Conseil, Joseph Cataire, process server, was a snob, indifferent; more particularly, he was contemptuous of the sans-eulottes. He was arrested for incivism1 on 28 Frimaire. '' Even more serious, according to the sans-eulottes, than a haughty or disdainful manner toward themselves or straightforward indifference were statements referring to them as being of a lower social order.

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