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F(N) Dw Aggregate Supply Function Aggregate Demand Function Equilibrium Condition This is the most condensed version of the theory-'the substance of the general theory of employment' (GT, Ch. 3, p. 25). 3)' Dw = Yw From which low=cfo(N)-X(N), which is the theory of employment determination in terms of autonomous investment and the consumption function given on p. 29 of Chapter 3. 5) (p. 21) can be used to solve for Yw and Cw. The graphical solution is in terms of the 'Keynesian Cross' diagram so familiar in undergraduate textbook expositions.

P. 382). In Chapter 12 of the GT, Keynes talks at length about the organised investment markets where daily revaluations of the equities take place. These revaluations will also affect the demand price of new capital goods. To quote, ' ... the daily revaluations of the 30 THE TWO-SECTOR GENERAL THEORY MODEL Stock Exchange, though they are primarily made to facilitate transfers of old investments between one individual and another, inevitably exert a decisive influence on the rate of current investment.

10) and the supply schedule S(OJ then give the equilibrium values of price (in wage-units) and output. Fig. 6 To visualise this solution graphically, we may draw a set of isoexpenditure schedules Cw1 , Cw 2 ,-each a rectangular hyperbola in the plane of figure 6. The equilibrium price and output of consumer goods are given by points of intersection of these alternative isoexpenditure schedules with the supply schedule of consumer goods. Even though figures 5 and 6look alike, there is a clear asymmetry in the process of equilibrium price and output determination in the two sectors.

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