By J M Thomas; Kenneth D M Harris; P P Edwards; Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain)

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In 1988 Richard Catlow took up a part-time chair at the Royal Institution, bringing further capabilities to the RI’s computational programme. This led, among other things, to a joint 1990 paper in Advanced Materials that involved the three of us. Together with Julian Gale and Rob Jackson, we had undertaken the daunting task of simulating, for the first time, the behaviour of an organically pillared clay. 17 3 Aluminium Phosphates Our joint work on aluminosilicate zeolites during the 1980s took place against a background of increasing interest in aluminium phosphate (AlPO4) molecular sieves, which were first reported by Edith Flanigen and her colleagues at Union Multifaceted Studies of Zeolites and Other Catalytic Materials 17 18 Carbide in 1982.

Harikumar School of Chemistry Cardiff University Park Place Cardiff, CF10 3AT UK Kenneth D. M. Harris School of Chemistry Cardiff University Park Place Cardiff CF10 3AT UK G. Heymann Department Chimie und Biochemie Ludwig-Maximilians-Universita¨t Mu¨nchen Butenandtsrasse 5-13 81377 Mu¨nchen Germany Roald Hoffmann Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Cornell University Baker Laboratory Ithaca NY 14853-1301 USA Contributors Andrew B. Holmes School of Chemistry The University of Melbourne Bio21 Institute Melbourne Victoria 3010 Australia Mark D.

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