By Sergey Nazarenko (auth.)

Wave Turbulence refers back to the statistical concept of weakly nonlinear dispersive waves. there's a huge and transforming into spectrum of actual functions, starting from sea waves, to plasma waves, to superfluid turbulence, to nonlinear optics and Bose-Einstein condensates. past the basics the ebook therefore additionally covers new advancements resembling the interplay of random waves with coherent buildings (vortices, solitons, wave breaks), inverse cascades resulting in condensation and the transitions among susceptible and powerful turbulence, turbulence intermittency in addition to finite procedure dimension results, resembling “frozen” turbulence, discrete wave resonances and avalanche-type strength cascades. This booklet is an outgrow of numerous lectures classes held through the writer and, consequently, written and dependent particularly as a graduate textual content than a monograph, with many routines and suggestions provided alongside the way in which. the current compact description essentially addresses scholars and non-specialist researchers wishing to go into and paintings during this field.

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