By Faruk Akgul

Use ZeroMQ and the best way to follow assorted message patterns.


• study primary message/queue layout patterns;
• paintings with multi-threaded programs;
• paintings with a number of sockets.

In Detail

ØMQ (also spelled ZeroMQ, 0MQ, or ZMQ) is a high-performance asynchronous messaging library geared toward use in scalable allotted or concurrent functions. It offers a message queue, yet in contrast to message-oriented middleware, a ØMQ procedure can run with out a committed message dealer. The library is designed to have a well-known socket-style API.

ZeroMQ teaches you to take advantage of ZeroMQ via examples in interval. you are going to how you can use basic styles of message/queuing with a step by step instructional technique and the way to use them. Then, you’ll the right way to use excessive point APIs and to paintings with a number of sockets and multithreaded courses via many examples.

This ebook seems at how message/queue works regularly and what sorts of difficulties it solves. Then, it explains how ZeroMQ works and the way it differs from different message/queue libraries and the way it may be utilized in various scenarios.

You also will find out how to observe crucial message/queue layout styles in several eventualities, and the way they range from one another. It indicates you sensible examples you could observe. additionally, you will find out how to paintings with a number of sockets.

You will research the fundamentals of ZeroMQ in addition to how one can use diverse patterns.

What you are going to examine from this book

• enforce the request–reply pattern;
• enforce the pub–sub pattern;
• paintings with a number of sockets;
• paintings with multithreaded programs;
• discover reminiscence leaks;
• direction schemes;
• examine the adaptation among TCP sockets and ZeroMQ sockets.


A sensible, step by step example-rich tutorial.

Who this publication is written for

If you're a C developer who desires to find out about ZeroMQ, this ebook is for you. it really is assumed that the reader has C event at a few point yet previous ZeroMQ wisdom isn't anticipated.

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