By A. S. Kechris, D. A. Martin, Y. N. Moschovakis

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On the Polish side lectures were delivered by Professors Ajdukiewicz and -Lukasiewicz and Dr. Tarski. , but rather to the circle of contemporary logicians, and in concordance with the present interests of the Vienna Circle. Professor Lukasiewicz delivered a highly interesting lecture 'On the History of the Calculus of Sentences Starting with the Ancient Times', while Dr. Tarski had a highly specialized lecture on the 'Methodological Research into the Definability of Ideas'. In addition to Poles and representatives of the Circle there were the Frenchman Rougier, the American Morris, the Dane Jorgensen and others.

Zawirski established personal contacts with many eminent scientists not only in Poland, but also abroad. Some factors were important in this respect. He had a perfect command of English, French and German, and travelled a lot. He visited Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, USSR, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, and some countries, like France, many times. Thanks to these factors Zawirski always had first-hand information in his field of interest: philosophy, logic and physics.

Zawirski writes: ' ... ' (p. 59). One might accept as a mitigating factor the circumstance that Zawirski's work was written in 1905, when depth psychology was still in its initial stage. However, Freud's Die Traumdeutung (Interpretation of Dreams) was published in 1900, and immediately aroused a great interest. This seems to bear out the generally accepted opinion that Freud failed to be 'a prophet in his own country'. (At that time Galicia was still a part of Austria). Much as he gained the greatest fame in the whole world, yet in Austria he remained, right to the end, only a professor extraordinary (not a full professor, without a chair).

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