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Generally, the approximations used are that a fixed activity ratio of the daughters exists with respect to radon and that the fraction of unattached RaA is constant. Several studies have shown (NCRP Report No. 7 (222Rn/RaA/ RaB/RaC) respectively. 07 (George and Breslin, 1980). This is in agreement with a previous study (Fisenne and Harley, 1974) where ' / 48 5. 07 was measured as the indoor ratio. 7, Eqs. 3 l(pCi 222Rn/m3) (5-12) (5-13) (5-9) Female Dose Light activity(mrad/year) Resting(mrad/year) Child (ten-year-old) Dose Light activity(mrad/year) Resting(mrad/year) The required detail in estimating population exposure can never be known if only approximations of the detailed atmospheric characteristics are used in dose estimations.

2 to affect only one airway generation of the tracheobronchial tree significantly, and that only if no clearance is assumed. Except for very unusual exposure conditions, the WLM standard may adequately describe the risk from uranium mine aerosols, but incorporation of a factor into the WL definition to account for activity that is unattached to carrier aerosols will improve the accuracy of the WL unit as a measure of risk (Cross, 1979). Finally, attention must be given to the methodology of dose averaging.

Dept. of Interior (FR, 1969b) Nelson, et aL (1969) ing the equilibrium areal activities from the deposition rate and the mucus movement, Holleman used the measured deposition in working miners and assumed it was distributed uniformly throughout the 6000-cm2 area of the TB tree. 35 and the free ion values determined after the method of Craft, et al. were about 10% for RaA and ~ 3 % for RaB and RaC. Reaffirmed its 1967 recornmendations a s interim guidance but declared an intent to reduce the level to 4 WLM/yr in 1971 pending further review.

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