By Emily J. Dolbear

With this name, younger readers will achieve an knowing on how the pumpkin pie they love, is made and the way it finally ends up on their desk.

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This is virtually the same number as ­today. An upcoming challenge for the Finns is that the average age of its population is increasing. 6 years. This aging population makes it more difficult to find workers to replace older employees who retire. This condition will have many other economic and social implications for the country. The government realizes the problem and the need to either provide incentives for larger families, take steps to increase immigration, or support both ­options. Other data show that Finns are very well educated and financially successful.

The traditional sauna is a wooden building separate from the home. Today, however, they are included in many modern buildings, including the Finnish Parliament. The sauna is a place for relaxation; it is usually forbidden to talk of politics, religion, and other weighty matters. Bathers do not usually wear clothes, but it is not a sexual place, as that would violate the sanctity of the sauna. Older men and women generally bathe separately in the sauna, unless they are with their immediate family.

About 6 percent of the country’s population is composed of ethnic Swedes, who Finland Through Time mostly reside in these towns. Swedish has also influenced the Finnish language, since Finnish has adopted many Swedish words, especially in urban areas like Helsinki. The strength of Swedish in the country is further demonstrated by the fact that 15 daily newspapers are printed in ­Swedish. Even though many Finns hesitate to admit it, Sweden has also made other lasting contributions. Many of their adminis-­ trative and educational structures were adapted and used by the Finns.

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