By Tom Archer

25-Word Description This in-depth publication takes you deep contained in the structure of the C# language to provide you a whole knowing of the way it works.
75-Word Description C#, the state of the art, Web-enabled programming language from Microsoft, is an object-oriented language with the ability of C++ that is as effortless to jot down and keep as Microsoft visible simple. This in-depth e-book takes you contained in the structure of this language and its layout parameters and development to offer you a whole figuring out of ways it works-and why it really works that approach. It additionally demonstrates the performance of C# that will help you create purposes for Microsoft .NET.

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The type-safe part means that instead of merely being an address, which might or might not point to what you think it does, a reference (when not null) is always guaranteed to point to an object that is of the type specified and that has already been allocated on the heap. Also take note of the fact that a reference can be null. In the following example, a reference type (string) is being allocated. However, what's happening under the covers is that the value has been allocated on the heap and a reference to that value has been returned.

WriteLine method. Notice that the MSIL prefixes the method name with the name of the assembly that defines the method. What's nice about this level of detail in the MSIL is that it means you can more easily write tools like dependency walkers that can look through an application to determine what files are needed for it to execute properly. Additionally, you can see the number of arguments (and their types) that are expected by the method. String object to be on the stack when it's called. Finally, line IL000a is a simple ret MSIL opcode to return from the method.

When a user instantiates an object, that object's constructor is called and must return before the user can perform any other work with that object. It's this guarantee that helps ensure the integrity of the object and helps make applications written with object-oriented languages much more reliable. But what do you name a constructor such that the compiler will know to call it when the object is instantiated? The C# designers followed the lead ofStroustrup and dictated that constructors in C# must have the same name as the class itself.

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